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Top 20 Icebreaker Jokes and Other (Better) Ways to Break The Ice

Veronica Brundle - Nov 4 2021, 11:46:36 AM

Grab your microphone and get the crowd ready, because these jokes for icebreakers are sure to get some laughs (disclosure: some of them may be at you). It can be hard to get to know people, especially co-workers and members of your team, without jokes to break the ice a little first. You can try out some of these cheesy jokes to see if they’ll crack a smile. If not, keep reading to find some other, better ways to break the ice that doesn’t require you to be a stand-up comedian.

Two cows are in a field. The first one says, “Mooooo!” The second one replies, “that’s what I was going to say!”

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a workstation…

We both have something in common. You don’t know what I’m going to say, and neither do I.

A man tells his doctor, “Doc, help me. I’m addicted to Twitter!”

The doctor replies, “Sorry, I don’t follow you…”

A man enters a lawyer’s office and asks the lawyer: “Excuse me, how much do you charge?”

The lawyer responds: “I charge $1,000 to answer three questions.”

The man replies, “That’s a bit expensive isn’t it?”

“Yes,” says the lawyer. “Now, what’s your third question?”

An employee is getting to know her new co-workers when the topic of her last job comes up. One co-worker asks why she left that job.”

It was something my boss said,” the woman replied.

“Why? What did he say?” the co-worker asked.

“You’re fired.”

I just wrote a book on reverse psychology. Do not read it.

You know what a clean desk is a sign of? A cluttered desk drawer.

A bear walks into a bar and says, “Give me a gin and … tonic.”

“Why the big pause?” asks the bartender. The bear shrugged. “I’m not sure; I was born with them.”

My memory has gotten so bad it has actually caused me to lose my job. I’m still employed. I just can’t remember where.

Unless you're Michael Scott hosting a night of the Dundees, icebreaker jokes may not be the best way to generate some fun camaraderie among your team. On the other hand, everyone can get behind a fun team building event, like games, trivia, challenges, and more. After all, people are always up for some fun competition and you never know what side of a person will come out when they can have a little office fun. Here are some of the best self hosted team building events you can put on for your office. You never know — once everyone’s in a good mood maybe they’ll laugh at some of those jokes for icebreakers.

Build a stronger team! The game is designed to help staff get to know each other better, on a personal level. Who is an early bird and who prefers working in the evening? Is it true that one of us really met the Pope? And what’s the story behind that HUGE tea cup we keep seeing on Zoom? A 10 minute icebreaker is the perfect way to finally get to know the person beyond the Zoom screen.  Get to know your team icebreaker can support up to 1,000 participants for a price of $5 per person.  Click here to learn more. 

In the game, your team goes on an adventure to an exotic island! Choose your path, tackle a series of survival challenges together, and complete your mission feeling energized, entertained, and connected. The perfect start to your virtual meeting! 

Explorers virtual icebreaker can support up to 1,000 participants for a price of $5 per person.  All you need to do is provide your own video link and we take care of the rest.  Click here to learn more. 

Pick a comedian-hosted trivia event for your next team meeting. Comics have been featured on Conan, Late Night with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central, and many more esteemed programs. This event is a blend, with 15 minutes of a stand-up routine and 15 minutes of fun office trivia.

The best game for learning fun facts about your new co-workers and testing how well you know the ones you've worked with for years. Taking answers from a pre-event survey, comics will host a game-show style trivia game of “How Well Do You Know Your Co-Workers”.  Click here to learn more. 

How much do you really know about your co-workers? This Get To Know Ya Game Night will put everyone’s knowledge to the test and allow people to get to know each other better in the context of a fun icebreaker game. The format for this game is smart, because it allows people to share things about themselves in a comfortable way that doesn’t put them on the spot...too much.

A question like “"What was your first concert and what do you remember about it?" is posed to the group and individuals answer anonymously on their smartphones. When all the answers are in, everyone tries to guess who says what. Even if the answers may be unclear at times, the laughter and surprises are certain.

Get to Know Ya Game Night can host up to 20 guests for a group price of $450.  Click here to learn more. 

Why did the frog take the bus to work today?

His car got toad away.

I bought the world’s worst thesaurus yesterday.

Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible.

My teachers told me I’d never amount to much because I procrastinate so much.

I told them, “Just you wait!”

​​My email password has been hacked. That’s the third time I’ve had to rename my cat.

My boss just texted me: “Send me one of your funny jokes!”

I texted him back: “I’m busy working. I’ll send one later.”

“That’s hilarious,” he said. “Send another one!”

A guy goes to a pet store to buy a goldfish. The salesman asks him, “Do you want an aquarium?” The guy responds, “I don’t care what star sign it is!”

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?


I recently started speed reading. So far, I can read “War and Peace” in ten seconds. It’s only three words, but it’s a start.

Two goldfish are in a tank.

One looks at the other and says, “You know how to drive this thing?!”

Two muffins are in an oven. One muffin turns to the other and says, “Sure is hot in here, huh?” The other muffin screams “Aaaah! A talking muffin!”

Team building doesn’t have to be a cringey, uncomfortable exercise. Unless you have an office full of dads who love funny icebreaker jokes, check out all of the fun and meaningful virtual team-building events available on Elevent. From games to crafts, workshops to food and drink events, there’s something to keep every office connected and engaged. Your people will appreciate that you provide a forum for staying in touch with and learning about their coworkers even though they may not be able to in real life.

Originally published at Nov 4 2021, 11:46:36 AM. Updated on Apr 3 2023.

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