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Top 20 Office Games

Veronica Brundle - May 12 2022, 2:14:21 PM

Inarguably, every workday deserves to have some added fun. After all, all work and no play makes for a very dull day! This is where office games come in.

Office games are a fun and interactive way to get creative juices flowing and improve the overall workplace experience for you and your team. Best of all, they allow for connections to happen among team members that might not otherwise happen organically.

If you aren’t sure where to start with office games, we’re here to help.

A step challenge encourages your team members to get active and take time away from their desks. To get everyone on board, you can create teams or gather steps individually. At the end of the month, see who has the most steps and give them a reward. Choose a step-counting application, like Apple Health or FitBit, to make the work easier on you.

Scavenger hunts are a great way for teams to get to know each other better in their own environments. Have everyone team up and get to work on the clues together. Better yet, let Elevent do all the work of planning and executing by scheduling one of our many virtual scavenger hunts.

No matter the topic, trivia puts everyone’s brains to the test and encourages critical thinking. Make it easy on yourself and choose from one of our preplanned virtual trivia games. Who knows, you might even learn about some hidden knowledge your coworkers possess!

This one is best executed when everyone is told ahead of time to come prepared with two truths about themselves mixed with one made-up fact. The rest of the team will need to guess which of the three is a lie. This office game makes a great icebreaker during the onboarding process.

To play never have I ever, everyone needs to put their hands up. Every time a team member shares something about themselves that someone can relate to, they put a finger down. Your team will continue to go through the motion until all fingers are down. Not only will you learn a lot about your coworkers, but you’ll also be energized for what’s to come.

The theme can be work-related or not, but either way, your team will have 20 chances to ask questions that get you closer to guessing the answer. Pair up team members who wouldn’t otherwise work together to get them thinking critically together.

A typical lunch-and-learn session takes a lot of planning, from narrowing down the topic to actually ordering food for everyone. With Elevent, all the work is done for you, from a virtual cooking experience to chocolate or any other kind of tasting event you can imagine. Everyone will learn a new skill and concoct a delicious treat that will have them talking for years to come.

Speed dating is a great way to help build connections across multiple channels. For this office game, everyone will have a few minutes to connect with their coworkers before moving on to the next. You can set them up with a list of questions they can choose from or let the conversations unfold naturally.

Have your team members submit a baby photo of themselves ahead of time. Then, flash the photos to the group to get everyone guessing and engaged. Collaborate in groups to guess who is who.

Get everyone in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin-carving contest. Everyone should pick up a pumpkin ahead of time to put their skills to the test. Since it’s a game, everyone votes on the best pumpkin once they’re all carved. You can even get the kids involved!

paint party is a fun and exciting challenge for everyone. After everyone participates in a Paint & Sip, they’ll be able to share their creations with the team, who will then vote on the best, craziest, whatever categories you choose.

For this office game, one person will start the chain by whispering a message to their colleague. From there, the next player will need to pass the message on, and so on. The last person will share the message with the group, and you’ll get to see if it’s on the money!

Charades is a fun and interactive way to get everyone on their feet and ready to participate on Zoom or in person. This works well in breakout sessions when everyone needs to shake their sillies out.

murder mystery is a much more orchestrated office game that works best as a standalone event rather than as part of a larger meeting. Team members will have to work together to solve a crime by uncovering evidence, solving puzzles, and tackling trivia questions.

Everyone loves bingo, especially when it breaks up the workday. Even better, our Workplace Bingo is all about who knows what about your company. Put your coworkers to the test!

Virtual team games combine the fun of video games with the collaborative nature of a team-building activity. All games are hosted live to take the guesswork out of the planning process. All you have to do is pick one to match your team’s interests.

You can’t always bring the escape room to the office, but you can play a virtual escape game in which you and your team members work through a live-action escape room during which everyone will need to find artifacts and solve hidden logical puzzles if they want to take home the win.

Got a team of athletes? Sounds like it’s an opportunity for a sports challenge. These are easy to plan and even more fun to watch. You can play “office sports,” like hula hoops or prank wars. You can also have friendly sports matches between teams.

OK, yoga isn’t much of a game. But don’t we all deserve a little relaxation once in a while? Your team will enjoy a virtual break from the hustle and bustle of a typical workday. Namaste.

Some virtual team-building games are designed specifically to get to know your coworkers better. Make them a regular part of your workweek and even surprise your group with a virtual happy hour at the end.

Sometimes, the best office games are the ones that are already planned for you. If you’re ready to get an office game on your calendar but don’t have the bandwidth or interest in planning one, allow Elevent to lead the way.

We have a wide range of virtual experiences ready for you to schedule. That means you can sit back, join in on the fun, and never need to spend any of your workweek worried about planning engaging experiences for your team members.

Originally published at May 12 2022, 2:14:21 PM. Updated on Sep 30 2022.

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