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Virtual Team Bingo

You can't go wrong by choosing a virtual bingo  game.

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Invite your team to take on an online team-building bingo experience from the comfort of their home. With our preplanned virtual team bingo games, you can provide entertaining virtual events to help your team build authentic connections with their coworkers. 


Whether your company is looking to play a traditional game of bingo or wants to try your hand at drag queen bingo: We have you covered!


Throughout the experience, your team will have opportunities to connect on a deeper level and bond over something that isn't work-related. This will help increase productivity in the workplace and help you build a more unified team.

You never know what will happen during a competitive round of virtual bingo for teams. There will be twists, turns, and tons of fun. There’s no telling who will win, keeping your team at the edge of their seat, ready to play.

Bingo brings your team together. The game encourages your team to pay attention and stay engaged from start to finish. If they aren’t listening, they could lose out on their chance to say bingo first! 


Our virtual team building bingo options are 30 to 60 minutes long. When choosing an experience for your team, we recommend considering your schedule and your goal for the event. 

Whether you have five or 1000 participants: We have exactly what you need. Most of our pricing is per individual or is a flat rate for the entire group. To find the most cost-effective solution for your company, we recommend using our group size and budget filter at the top of the page. 

We have several different themes and styles of bingo. Everything from workplace bingo is designed to test how well you know your coworkers, a scene and song style of bingo for music lovers of all kinds. 


A host will meet your team on Zoom or a video conferencing platform of your choice. They will explain the rules, set the scene, and get your team excited for some friendly workplace competition. 

Now, the real fun begins. Your team will need to pay attention and be patient because you never know when it will be your time to shine and yell ‘bingo!”

Throughout the experience, team participation will be encouraged by your host. They’ll announce the winners, keep everyone excited, and some even hand out prizes!


Remote workforces need to be engaged the same way they would be if they were in an office. The best way to do this is with preplanned virtual bingo for teams. 

When booking with Elevent, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. All you need to do is pick the experience and the date, and we’ll take it from there. 


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