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Book virtual yoga for employees' well-being. Namaste!

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Elevent Spotlight

Yoga for People Who Work at Desks

A therapeutic experience to counter the effects of desk work, no yoga mat necessary!

1 hour virtual event
2 - 500 people
$350 / group

The yoga for people who work at desks class was great! Kristina (the host) was super sweet and informative. We loved the class so much we are already thinking about doing another! 

— Brie, Marketri

Improve your balance and flexibility with interactive virtual yoga events. Booking virtual online yoga classes with Elevent is a great way to remind your remote workforce to take a step away from their desk to focus on their health. 


Sitting at a desk all day at home can negatively affect your health. Taking the time to develop better work-from-home habits with yoga can improve your well-being and overall quality of life. 

Whether it's corporate yoga or drunk yoga: Your team is in for a treat! As they move their legs and try their hand at yoga, they'll have opportunities to engage with their coworkers and build a deeper connection with everyone participating.

A virtual yoga class can improve your team's flexibility, strength, and balance. Our host will teach your employees easy-to-learn yoga moves they can do from home during their work week, promoting a healthier lifestyle. 


Most of our virtual yoga classes are 30 to 60 minutes long. Some are quick and easy, designed to teach your team techniques they can use in their everyday life. Other experiences are more immersive and provide an excellent setting for team engagement. 

Whether you have one or 5,000 employees, we’ve got you covered! Our pricing is either by group or by participant. Group pricing can be the most cost-effective solution if you're trying to stick with a budget.

Yoga is a stress-free activity. However, some of your employees may struggle with the movements. Be sure to evaluate the level of experience with your group to match the level of the class.


Your team will meet your yoga instructor on Zoom or a different video conferencing platform. Remind your team to come prepared and to set their computer up somewhere they have space to ensure they can participate. 

Here's where the fun begins! The yoga instructor will walk your team through the movements, practice mindful breathing, and explore meditation tactics. Allow your employees to fully immerse themselves in the yoga class and pick up a new skill or two! 

Some of our Elevent virtual yoga classes are more interactive than others, like our Drunk Yoga or WorkWekk Yoga Classes. However, some have a heavy focus on the individual and their mental health. No matter which experience you choose, everyone will have an opportunity to bond with their coworkers and focus on their well-being from start to finish.


At Elevent, we want to help your team relax, unwind, and strengthen their connection with themselves and the people they work with. With our preplanned online virtual yoga classes, you can show your team you care about their mental health and want the best for them. 


When you book with Elevent, you can rest assured that everything is preplanned and ready to go. Once you find an experience that works for you, pick a date, and we'll handle everything from there. 


Ready to book your virtual online yoga class? Contact us today.


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