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Learning and Development Virtual Events

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Learning and development of virtual events 

Want to provide your team with meaningful experiences? Looking for ways to teach them how to show gratitude or connect with their coworkers through storytelling? We have everything you need. 

At Elevent, we offer a variety of hands-on events for learning and development designed to help your team connect, create, and grow. 


What are the team benefits of virtual team learning activities?

Encourage communication
Communication is an integral part of every workplace. With events for learning and development, you can provide your employees with virtual experiences that will help them learn more about each other and spark authentic communication.

Inspire growth 
While happy hours, cooking classes, and other interactive virtual events are great for engagement, they don't all have the enrichment factor businesses need. With virtual learning and development events, you can inspire your team members to grow personally and professionally. 


Build a team 
Learning experiences encourage your employees to learn something new while growing closer as a team. They'll learn how to collaborate and connect on a deeper level.


What to consider when booking a virtual learning and development experience

Duration of the activity
Most of our learning and development virtual events range from 30 to 90 minutes. This ensures that your team has enough time to connect with coworkers and enjoy the experience. 


Some events are priced per individual, while others are based on group size. When researching events for learning and development, you'll want to consider your budget and how many people will participate. Look for experiences that will accommodate your whole team!


All of our learning and development activities provide a unique, worthwhile experience for your team. So whether you want to help your team grow professionally or inspire them to show thanks whenever they can, we have an experience you can benefit from. 


How do learning and development events work?

Meet the host
Your team will meet with the host via Zoom or a different video conferencing platform. The host will explain the activity, play icebreakers, and get your team excited! 


Dive into the activity
Now the real fun begins! Some experiences require your team to break into smaller groups, while others keep everyone together. Every learning and development activity is different. Once you find an activity you like, you can learn more details from the How It Works section. 


Connect, build, create
Throughout the experience, your team will have the opportunity to socialize, learn more about their coworkers, and work as a team. 


Book events for learning and development with Elevent


Ready to inspire your team and encourage professional and personal growth? You've come to the right place. Browse our vast catalog of events designed to help your team learn, grow, and develop new skills. 

Once you find an experience they'll enjoy, we take care of all the planning and logistics so that you can join in on the fun too! 

Start exploring today to get started.

FAQs about learning and development virtual events

Are supplies/kits included with my event?
Yes! If any of our virtual team learning activities have items your team needs in order to participate, we'll ship everything to each team member. All contents of the kits and shipping are built into the event price. 

What do I need to get for a learning and development event?
Every experience is different. We list all of the essentials your team needs under the Things You'll Need section on the product page.

Is shipping included for learning and development events?
Yes! If your experience of choice has a kit, the cost of shipping is built into the price. To learn more about our shipping policy and any exclusions for the event of choice, you can learn more under the Shipping and Delivery section.

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