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Virtual Tastings Events

Live hosted virtual tastings with everything shipped directly to your guests

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Elevent Spotlight

Chocolate Candy Making

Make five different types of chocolate candy favorites sold in our San Francisco shop

1 hour virtual event
6 - 500 people
$60 / person
Includes kit

The workshop was very interactive and the instructor easy to follow and understand (even as a non native speaker), felt I was in the room with him!

— Fanny, HP

Virtual tastings 

Looking for a fun and interactive experience to help your team build authentic connections in the workplace? A virtual tasting experience is exactly what you need. Together, you and your team will have an opportunity to fully immerse yourselves in the experience of flavor and share a hands-on experience you won’t find anywhere else. 


What are the team benefits of virtual tasting events?


Connect with coworkers

Virtual tastings are a great way to keep employees engaged and inspire organic communication. Throughout the experience, there will be opportunities for all team members to ask questions, connect, and even share a few laughs.


Relax and unwind 

Virtual tastings invite your team to take a step back from the cares of the work week. Our virtual experiences are designed to keep remote employees engaged while allowing them to enjoy a rewarding change of pace from their everyday tasks.


Expand your palette 

Virtual food tastings inspire participants to step out of their comfort zone and experience new flavors in an interactive setting. Throughout the virtual event, your team will learn about different flavor pairings and the history and origin of the food. They might even discover a few delicious flavors they can’t live without!


What to consider when booking virtual food tasting events


Duration of the activity

Most of our virtual food tasting experiences are 30–90 minutes long. This ensures your team members have enough time to explore, taste, and enjoy the different flavors. 



Pricing for virtual tastings is per person. The price includes the hosted tasting session and the contents of the virtual food tasting kit. Once you've booked your experience, we will mail all participants a kit filled with the contents they need to enjoy the tasting from their homes.


Food or drink

We have a wide variety of tasting options to choose from. Whether you want to sample different coffees from around the world or experience chocolate on a whole new level, we have you covered. Before you book, consider sending out a survey to your team to see which type of experience they'll enjoy the most! 


How do virtual tasting events work?


Meet the Host

Our expert host will meet with your team via Zoom or a different video conferencing platform of your choice. They will go over everything inside the kits, answer any questions, and get your team excited about the experience. 


Explore the flavors 

Now the real fun begins. Whether you're tasting chocolate, gin, or wine, you’re in for a great time! Throughout the virtual food tasting experience, the host will keep your team engaged with questions, history, and fun facts about the food they're tasting. 


Connect with coworkers

Throughout the experience, your team will have opportunities to engage and connect with their coworkers. They'll enjoy exploring new flavors while getting to know the individuals they work with on a deeper level. 


Book virtual tasting events with Elevent


Ready to experience delicious flavors with your team? You've come to the right place. At Elevent, all of our experiences are preplanned and ready to go. Our team will handle all of the planning and logistics for you. All you need to do is choose a date, invite your team, and join in on the fun!


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